Level Two Online

Online PDT timezone

SIPS Level 2 – Lower Emotional Body Level, 3 Day Course Prerequisites: SIPS 1 Instructor: Denise Cambiotti USD$500 or CAD$600 Extends the SIPS technique onwards from the static balancing processes in SIPS 1 into more vibrant, dynamic balancing techniques. Introduces the highly effective and useful Continuous Record Mode. Addresses the electrical Read more…


Level 8 online and in Poland

Otwosk Otwosk, Poland

SIPS Level 8 – (3 Day Course) Prerequisites: Level 7 Instructor: Alexis Costello Sips 8, explores the mystery of the Universe and our place within it. An orderly and harmonious Universe is more aptly described as the Cosmos. Sips 8, encompasses our relationship with the Cosmos via the Cosmic Plane Read more…

Level Three Online

Online - PST timezone

SIPS Level 3: Mental Body ( 3 Day Course) Prerequisites: SIPS 2 Instructor: Denise Cambiotti SIPS 3 is a natural progression from SIPS 1 & 2 to the third level of the Human Body Energy Model: The Mental Body on the Physical Plane. Aspects of mind and mental function are explored in relation Read more…