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Level Five online and in South Africa

March 1 @ 6:00 am - March 3 @ 2:00 pm


SIPS Level 5 (3 Day Course)
Prerequisites: SIPS 4

Instructor Alexis Costello


SIPS 5 introduce us to the Fifth Level of our Auric Body, described as the Etheric Template, our energy blueprint. The SIPS Energy Model is further developed and provides an overall understanding of the nature of our being from the physical to the spiritual levels of consciousness and forms of energy.

The fifth energy level of our being is associated with the throat chakra which is related to a person’s expression, ability to communicate and personality. The SIPS 5 workshop explores a number of aspects of psychology including personality, behaviour and identity issues. A model of self and identity is presented, encompassing a person’s nature, nurture and navigation through life. Five fundamental questions regarding change are addressed.


  • The Plutchik model of Primary Emotions is expanded to reveal an emotional feedback loop mechanism. This feedback model opens up a far greater understanding of our emotional processes and provides far greater understanding of our emotional processes and provides further breadth in our balancing.  Personality types, traits  and defence  mechanisms are included within this model.
  • The concept of Envirogenetics is introduced to gain an understanding of our threshold to stress and the root cause of imbalances. Negative energy fields and surrogation are included in order to more readily deal with these forms of imbalances that impact upon our personality and well being.
  • The Etheric Template Level of Amperage and Resistance is presented to reveal blocks and resistance at this higher frequency level of our being. A very powerful yet simple correction called The Grand Design Factor is also presented.


SIPS classes are either taught in-person or online at a specific time with an instructor. Students will be expected to have cameras on and someone to work with for this class (the instructor can offer more details about what times you may need a partner.)


Jenni Halkett
083 380 4015
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Online via Zoom