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SIPS BAP (Body Alignment Proprioception) (2 day course) Prerequisites: SIPS 1 & 2 Instructor: Doug Akerman Balancing the primary Integration Center for Primary Body Alignment. All reflex systems, e.g. Gait Reflexes, Cloacal Reflexes other Righting Reflexes must be integrated at a higher level – the SIPS Body Alignment Proprioception Point accesses this primary integration. The […]

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SIPS by Level, 0-8 + workshops

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SIPS Kinesiology is one of the most innovative and powerful Kinesiology techniques to be developed in recent years.  It is a brilliant breakthrough that will change your working practices and enhance all your existing clinical skills. The SIPS technique will have immediate applications to all your balancing and you will find them very easy to […]