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Level 6 in Canada

SIPS Level 6 – Celestial Level (3 Day Course)

Prerequisites: Level 5

Instructor: Alexis Costello
The sixth level is associated with the brow chakra, the third eye and pineal gland. This workshop centers on our interaction with light and its impact upon our being and the co-ordination of our biological cycles.
The day and night cycles have direct impact on the function of the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system. One very large feedback system is involved that is balanced via the Neuro-Endocrine Alignment Protocol (NEAP).
Topics covered include the pineal, EMG radiation, photo receptive system, the eyes, biological cycles, sleep cycles, ANS, Hypothalamus, Circumventricular Organs, Endocrine System, Glands and Hormones, Neuro- Endocrine System, Primary Neurotransmitters and the Gland – Chakra Energy Matrix etc.
SIPS 6 provides the ability to balance individual glands and hormones and their associated feedback loops or balance the whole integrated neural endocrine system via the NEAP Protocol. SIPS 6 encompasses The Celestial Level of Amperage and Resistance and the SIPS Light Correction.

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Level 5 in Canada

SIPS Level 5 (3 Day Course)
Prerequisites: SIPS 4

Instructor: Alexis Costello
SIPS 5 introduce us to the Fifth Level of our Auric Body, described as the Etheric Template, our energy blueprint. The SIPS Energy Model is further developed and provides an overall understanding of the nature of our being from the physical to the spiritual levels of consciousness and forms of energy.

The fifth energy level of our being is associated with the throat chakra which is related to a person’s expression, ability to communicate and personality. The SIPS 5 workshop explores a number of aspects of psychology including personality, behaviour and identity issues. A model of self and identity is presented, encompassing a person’s nature, nurture and  navigation through life. Five fundamental questions regarding change are addressed.

The Plutchik model of Primary Emotions is expanded to reveal an emotional feedback loop mechanism. This feedback model opens up a far greater understanding of our emotional processes and provides far greater understanding of our emotional processes and provides further breadth in our balancing.  Personality types, traits  and defence  mechanisms are included within this model.

The concept of Envirogenetics is introduced to gain an understanding of our threshold to stress and the root cause of imbalances. Negative energy fields and surrogation are included in order to more readily deal with these forms of imbalances that impact upon our personality and well being.

The Etheric Template Level of Amperage and Resistance is presented to reveal blocks and resistance at this higher frequency level of our being. A very powerful yet simple correction called The Grand Design Factor is also presented.

SIPS 4 - Astral Body

Level Four in Canada

SIPS Level 4 – The Astral Body (3 Day Course )

Prerequisites: SIPS 3

Instructor: Alexis Costello

SIPS 4 is associated with the forth level of the Human Body Energy Model; The Astral Body on the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane acts as a bridge between the physical domain and the spiritual domain and as such is vital to our well being. The astral body is our primary connection to the spiritual plane. SIPS 4 therefore is our introduction to the concept of spirit within the SIPS theoretical framework. The astral level of resistance is strongly associated with heart energy and is the most powerful within the SIPS series. SIPS 4 expands the SIPS model of energy to encompass the magneto-electric dimension, the indestructible reality, the world of spirit. SIPS 4 is a gentle yet stimulating workshop that opens our mind and work to new levels of our being.
Topics covered within this workshop include aspects of self and spirit,  the human aura, transduction and chakras, nadi and kundalini energy, reverse energy flow, blocked energy, figure 8 energy and so on. A very important section on inflammation stress is included in addition to another powerful SIPS correction technique.

SIPS 3 - Mental Level

Level Three in Canada

SIPS Level 3: Mental Body ( 3 Day Course)

Prerequisites: SIPS 2

Instructor: Alexis Costello
SIPS 3 is a natural progression from SIPS 1 & 2 to the third level of the Human Body Energy Model: The Mental Body on the Physical Plane. Aspects of mind and mental function are explored in relation to the mental level of resistance and theoretical models of energy, mind and thoughtforms. Stress Indicator Points for states of mind, mental function, thinking, levels of consciousness, and the primary senses amongst others are introduced in this workshop. A number of invaluable Stress Indicator Points for different types of tissue and structural systems are included to expand the effectiveness of working on the physical body. A very simple yet very powerful SIPS correction technique is presented within this workshop.
SIPS 3 encompasses a significant body of work which will enhance your clinical practice.
SIPS One, working with the body

Level One in Canada

SIPS Level One – Etheric Level, 3 Day Course

Prerequisites: TFH I-IV or Edu-K in Depth or other entry level courses

Instructor: Alexis Costello

SIPS Kinesiology is one of the most innovative and powerful Kinesiology techniques to be developed in recent years. It is a brilliant breakthrough that will change your working practices and enhance all your existing clinical skills. The SIPS technique will have immediate applications to all your balancing and you will find them very easy to assimilate into your current clinical practices. In total, there are 8 classes that build upon each other.


  • The SIPS perspective detailing the human body energy model.
  • The SIPS basic protocol, which is the foundation piece for all future SIPS classes.
  • How to address muscle stress imbalances (over-facilitated, under-facilitated, over- inhibited, and under-inhibited) via the SIPS basic protocol to access deeper stresses in the muscle itself, tendons, tendon sheaths, ligaments, primal emotions of the limbic system, lymphatics, vascular, nervous system, adrenals, skin, Retinacula, and the meridian matrix.
  • Why the body resists healing, and how to obtain insight on where your client’s specific blockages are occurring.
  • How to reduce pain in the body tissues
  • How to balance joints in the body to significantly improve their function.
  • How to balance a knee joint using 21muscle monitoring tests for 12 different muscles with the SIPS protocol. This procedure can be easily transferred to any body region.
  • A new correction involving the Meridian Matrix.
  • How to dynamic format using SIPS points to obtain greater depth and versatility in all your work.
  • How to use SIPS in a stand-alone way, or to integrate it into any other system you already know.

SIPS Bio in Canada

SIPS BIO – Orthobiology

Instructor: Ian Stubbings

Prerequisites: Levels 3 and 0

Explore a fascinating New World of Biology. Dark Field Microscopic research reveals Scintillating Pleomorphic Crystalline Corpuscles in the blood & body fluids. Observable Life Cycle Changes of Corpuscles in body fluids are Directly Associated with Degenerative Disease Causing States of Acidity, Oxidation and Toxicity. PH Balance, Buffer Systems, Extracellular Matrix, Microbiomes, Immune Systems & Vortex Torus Free Energy


Level 8 in Canada

Sips 8. The Cosmic Level

Instructor: Ian Stubbings

Prerequisites: Level 7

Sips 8 explores our relationship with the Universe. The ancient philosophy of the Hebrew’s, “The Kabbalah” provides a model for understanding the creation of the universe and life and our being upon Earth within the order of the Cosmos.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life demonstrates a commonality with other ancient energy models such as the Kundalini Yoga of Tantric Buddhism and the Chinese Yin Yang Model and also the model within Sips. The three grades of soul and energy consciousness are presented.

The Spirit Molecule – DMT is introduced and leads us toward an expanded view of the Pineal. DMT is a brain neurotransmitter and through research has been shown to have a major influence upon our level of consciousness and perception of reality. Dr Rick Strassman describes DMT as the Spirit Molecule due to the nature of the spiritual phenomena that occurs when administered at high levels or naturally occurring during the time of death or birth.

The role of DMT in conjunction with the neurotransmitter Pinoline and the Pineal Organ provides a broader understanding of brain function and the nature of the regulation of consciousness in our everyday waking state and also altered states. Amino acids, brain neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and their integration are covered within this workshop.

An amazing new aspect of biology is explored within what I call “The Micro Crystal System”. Research over the last 20 years has discovered billions of miniscule nano crystals embedded within the plasma membrane of cells throughout the brain and body. These micro crystals are biogenic, made within our body and are a form of the most magnetic material found on earth called “magnetite”. The presence of biogenic magnetite within the cell membrane suggests a major role played by these micro crystal chains in relation to membrane function and the transmission of energy and information required for intra and inter-cellular processes.

The extraordinary attributes of the pineal are further explained and presented as part of an overall homeostatic body energy and information feedback mechanism I call “The Pineal Brain”. The immune system is covered in detail as one part of the whole “Pineal Brain System”.

Sips 8 is The Cosmic Level of Amperage and Resistance.


SIPS Reflex in Canada

SIPS REFLEX – Reflex Alignment Protocols – 2 Days

Instructor: Ian Stubbings

Prerequisites: SIPS 3 and BAP or other reflex work

Primitive & Postural Reflexes, Neuro Development of CNS & Brain, Cerebellum, Basal Ganglia, Vestibular & Proprioception Systems, Joint Capsules, Sensory, Biological Cycles & Reflex Integration, Neuro Developmental Delay & Reflex Alignment Protocol.


SIPS Level 2

SIPS Level 2 (3 Day Course)

Alexis Costello

Alexis Costello

Extends the SIPS technique onwards from the static balancing processes in SIPS 1 into more vibrant, dynamic balancing techniques. Introduces the highly effective and useful Continuous Record Mode. Addresses the electrical polarity 1 the body including Switching and Deep Level Switching. Learn how to balance the Corpus Callosum and Hydration to give the body a very stable electrical base on which changes can be made. You cannot build a stable structure on an unstable foundation.

Learn how to balance Unmonitorable Muscles (muscles that cannot be directly monitored).

  • How to balance muscles in Extension using SIPS Points
  • How to link the Right & Left side energy systems using Circuit Mode
  • How to find linked imbalances using Circuit Mode
  • How to locate Deep Compensated Switching, and SIPS Points to deepen corrections
  • How to balance Hydration and Ionization imbalances using SIPS Points
  • How to access and deepen the correction for Corpus Callosum, Association & Projection Fibres
  • How to balance Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Emotions using Specific SIPS Points and Plutchik’s Circumplex Evolutionary Model of Emotions

Prerequisites: SIPS 1

Investment is $495 plus GST which includes the SIPS Level 1 manual and a Stress Indicator Point Level One Certificate.  If you pre-register by securing your seat with at $100 non-refundable deposit, the investment is reduced to $450.